The creators of the Interstellar Research Centre also originated and lead the organising of the first two Foundations of Interstellar Studies Workshops. This is a workshop focussed on the subject of interstellar Studies and the Interstellar Research Centre is now lead facilitator for all future workshops.

The Foundations of Interstellar Studies Workshops operates as a lose collection of organisations to facilitate an event approximately every two years or so. Its operating principal is that no single organisation owns the workshop, but instead all those who become involved play a role in ensuring its success. A host organisation for the host country is typically chosen to help to organise the event and manage the registrations and administrational finance.

So far two meetings have been organised as follows:

FISW-I New York City, USA

Lead Host organiser City University of New York (City Tech), supported by the Institute for Interstellar Studies and the British Interplanetary Society. Sponsored by Stellar Engines Ltd, Breakthrough Initiatives. Chairman Kelvin F Long, Professor Roman Kezerashvili, Harold ‘Sonny’ White. Secretary Elena Ancona.

FISW-II Charfield, UK

Lead host organiser Initiative for Interstellar Studies, supported by British Interplanetary Society. Sponsored by Stellar Engines Ltd, Terra Altair Ltd, Space Chairman Kelvin F Long, Rob Swinney, Harold ‘Sonny’ White. Secretary Samar Abdelfattah.

We are currently open to discussions with organisations who may want to play a role in helping to facilitate a future meeting or act as a sponsor. More information on the Foundations of Interstellar Studies Workshops can be found on the web site which has been set up to record all activities. For more information see: