The General Relativity Theory seems to well explain the large scale motion of gravitating objects such as planets, stars, galaxies and indeed the entire universe. The Theory of Quantum Mechanics seems to well explain the behaviour of microscopic particles. Yet both theories seem inconsistent to each other. An explanation for this apparent gap in our understanding, appears to be in a hypothesised theory of quantum gravity which is yet to be formulated with experimental validation. Several candidate ideas are pursuing this, such as String Theory and Loop Quantum Gravity.

Another idea proposed by the physicist Garrett Lisi in 2007 under the heading ‘An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything’ attempts to describe how the combined structure and dynamics of the standard model of particle physics in addition to gravitation are a part of the E8 Lie algebra group, projected onto the diagram below. We have identified another area in nature where this structure appears and are exploring its similarities to the E8 Lie group.


The Interstellar Research Centre is exploring an idea that may explain the differences between Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity.


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